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SKU: 110-082
This swaddler has 3 sizes in 1 design with two interior pockets and a removable seam to extend its length.
SKU: 076-63-00-272
The Optiflow active breast massage insert is made of pure silicone which gently, but actively, massages the areola. This effect stimulates the milk ejection reflex for a comfortable and efficient expressing experience.
SKU: 073-63-00-2
Price varies based on options.
The Single or Double Pumpset is safe and hygienic for expressing. BPA Free
SKU: 126-96004N-X
Philips Children's Medical Ventures Soothie (0-3 months)
SKU: 126-10316
Philips Children's Medical Ventures Super Soothies, (+3 months)