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SKU: 703-2200
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It wraps around you to help you sit up while you're still wobbly and learning. Perfect for Feeding, Propping, Tummy Time and Sitting.
SKU: 703-1348102K
The Boppy® Disposable Slipcovers for the Boppy® HC Feeding Pillow, pk/24
SKU: 703-1348106K
HC Best Latch, Two-Sided Disposable Slipcovers, pk/24
SKU: 703-2180102K
The Wipeable Boppy® HC Feeding Pillow, pk/2
SKU: 073-63-00-20
When needed, nipple shields help support pain-free breastfeeding by making it easier for the baby to latch on, and protects and relieves the severely stressed nipples.