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SKU: 337-LABUP000
The Buchanan® Protector is more than just a neckworn cover. It is a serious medical device designed to provide filtration and deliver efficient heat and moisture exchange to the patient.
SKU: 337-LALFF0003
Laryngofoam filters offer the laryngectomee lightweight, comfortable and unobtrusive protection. The filters warm, moisten and filter the incoming air and can be applied in seconds.
SKU: 420-719
Price varies based on options.
One adapter for mask or tracheostomy medication delivery for a Soft Mist Inhaler.
SKU: 337-TRDRE0001
Trachi-Dress Tracheostomy Dressings,
SKU: 337-TRDRF1002
Trachi-Dress Tracheostomy Dressings, Foam, Universal 10/pk