Bronchial Hygiene: TheraPEP System with Mouthpiece

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Bronchial Hygiene: TheraPEP System with Mouthpiece


TheraPEP® PEP Therapy System is the easy-to-use system for mobilizing secretions in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), including cystic fibrosis (CF), as well as patients recovering from surgery. Unlike labor-intensive, time-consuming chest physiotherapy (CPT), positive expiratory pressure (PEP) therapy with TheraPEP® PEP Therapy System can be self-administered by the patient in any setting, in less than half the time required for CPT.

Product Features

  • Six Fixed Orifice Options.
  • Built-in durable pressure indicator.
  • 22mm OD patient end.
  • Inspiratory valve.

Product Benefits

  • Can accommodate virtually any patient’s lung capacity.
  • Resists breakage, unlike fragile, costly manometers.
  • Provides immediate, visual 360º feedback of prescribed pressure.
  • May be used with a mask or mouthpiece, or Nebulizer.
  • Allows inhalation and exhalation without removing from mouth.


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