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SKU: 462
Able Spacer is a popular valved inhalation chamber that facilitates the use of pMDI medication. Able Spacer and Mask are made from a low-static transparent plastic, which incorporates anti-microbial silver ion technology; this protects against contaminati
SKU: 466
Able Spacer and Mask are manufactured from a special polymer that incorporates silver ions, which inhibit the growth of bacteria and fungi. Research has demonstrated that microbes will opportunistically establish colonies inside spacer devices.
SKU: 781-40000
The Asma-1 is a simple home use electronic respiratory monitor that measures PEF and FEV1.
SKU: 701-BC554
The Tanita BC554 scale is a unique body composition monitor. On Sale: Order yours today - While supplies last!
SKU: 781-40201
For simple, fast & accurate COPD screening.