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Ardo Pumpset


The Single or Double Pumpset is safe and hygenic for expressing
Made from premium-quality BPA Free Materials

Ardo Pumpsets have a closed collection system, impermeable in both directions.  The silicone membrane integrated into the pumpsets ensure a 100% barrier between the breast milk and any pathogenic agents.  The Vacuum Seal technology protects both the breast mily and breastpump from contamination and guarantees optimal hygiene.


150ml bottle w/ cap and liner
26mm breast shell
lip valve
flexible membrane
adapter tube cover
silicone tube connector
Operating instructions.

***Please note you may use this product with any of our Calypso Electric Breastpumps.  This product may also be converted to a manual hand pump with the purchase of the Amaryll Kombikit.

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Single Pumpset, Double Pumpset


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