Buchanan Airway Protector Large 10/Pack

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Buchanan Airway Protector Large 10/Pack


Buchanan delivers unique benefits to neck breathers through effective
product design and material composition – the crucial benefits delivered
by the exclusive Hydrolox® Foam specially designed for effective heat
and moisture delivery.
The Buchanan® Protector offers all these benefits:
Carefully selected materials such as pure cotton mesh and the special
Hydrolox® Foam provides:
• Comfortable and soft to the skin with no sharp edges
• Non adhesive, so no skin irritation
• Flexibility and rests comfortably on the neck and chest and can be used
during radiotherapy
• Good filtration efficiency during inspiration
• Can be used immediately, post operatively
• Ideal in all weather conditions
• Choice of sizes – small and large
• Can be worn day and night
• Can be washed up to 3 times


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