Asma-1 Electronic Respiratory Monitor

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Asma-1 Electronic Respiratory Monitor


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The Asma-1 is a simple home use electronic respiratory monitor that measures PEF and FEV1.
It offers greater accuracy than mechanical peak flow meters and eliminates the need for paper records.
The Asma-1 is suitable for clinic use with the purchase of “Safe-T-way Expiratory Mouthpieces” Part # 781-20246-25.
See features of the Asma-1 below.


Features of the Asma-1 include:

  • FEV1 has less variance in human pulmonary function during the day and is less effort dependent than PEF
  • Displays % of personal best for both PEF and FEV1
  • PEF and FEV1 zones can be personalized
  • Automatically assesses the test quality
  • Automatically stores best values
  • Large, easy to read display
  • Stores 600 test sessions
  • Easy to clean mouthpieces(4) and flowhead

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